The answer is YES! Here’s yet another reason why red lipstick is so amazing. You won’t believe this video evidence!

Who knew red lipstick could have eye-brightening benefits too?
For all this time we thought using serums and layers of concealer were the only way to disguise dark circles and tired eyes – clearly we were wrong!

Thanks to beauty vlogger Deepica Mutyala, we can see with our own eyes how it can be used to even out dark pigmentation and blemishes on the skin.
Deepica simply smears the lippy directly under her eyes and over any other darker areas, then blends it in thoroughly before carrying on with her normal make-up routine.

Dark under-eye circles can effect anyone, and tend to appear more blue or purple in tone. After looking at a colour wheel we can now see that counteracting it with a red/orange colour (which is opposite on the wheel) can help neutralise the darkness. We often see the same type of thing when trying to combat redness with a green colour correcting cream or primer.



The results here speak for themselves…

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WORDS: Elise Wilson
IMAGES: Youtube
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