Concealer is definitely a product where less is more, but it should be a staple in every woman’s make-up bag!

Whether you’re trying to hide under eye circles, blemishes, redness or dark spots, this one little gem can hide a multitude of sins. Of course there are an abundance of different formulas out there that target your different needs, but concealer can do so much more!

We’ve created this face map to show you the areas to apply concealer that help highlight your skin and enhance your features in all the right places – and why.


The skin under your eyes is particularly delicate and can look sallow easily. Using a light formula, no more than two shades lighter than your skin tone, apply to the inner corner of your eyes and blend underneath. By brightening the inner corners will help open the eyes dramatically and counteract any shadows.

After filling in your brows, use a concealer pen to trace the top and bottom of your brow bone. Not only does this trick help brows to appear more groomed, but it also makes eyes pop by drawing more attention to them.

By subtly blending a light concealer down the bridge of your nose will help slenderize it’s shape and again, will draw attention to your eyes. Using a small amount of cream based concealer (the less oily, the better),will work wonders in disguising any small broken veins and redness you may have.

By applying concealer on the center of your chin can banish shadows and redness for a flawless finish.

Show off your smiles by applying concealer around the corners of your mouth. Surprisingly this has a dramatic lifting effect and can also minimise the appearance of fine lines too. If you’re going for a bold lip colour, blend concealer over your lips and lip line. This will not only help your lippy lasts longer, it will make the colour pop even more too.

Concealer celeb

Chrissy and Stacey follow their make-up artists’ tips for perfect concealer placement – and flawless skin results!

PHOTOS: @chrissyteigen @staceykiebler

How will you be using your concealer to create the perfect canvas? Let us know below…

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Text: Elise Wilson
Main photo: Caitlin McMahon