It’s easy to battle the chilly months with a smile when you’ve got your skincare covered!

The season’s beauty vampires – biting winds, steamy showers, dipping temps, and drying indoor heat – can suck the life right out of your skin. Soothe your thirstiest parts, from head to toe with these nourishing treats.

Cool weather can cause skin to dry out, so it’s important to replace lost moisture. The key ingredients to look out for in moisturisers, serums and face creams is hyaluronic acid. It acts as a magnet for water and replenishes the top layers of your skin by holding moisture there.

Did you know? Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in our skin, making it supply and youthful, but starts depleting when we reach 18 years old!

Kate Somerville Nourish Hydrating Firming Mist 120ml, $72 , Thalgo Hyaluronic Cream, $160, Revlon Age Defying™ Wrinkle Filler, $28.50, Trilogy Very Gentle Moisturising Cream, $29.90.

When the temperature drops we’re drawn to rich, hearty comfort food- and so is our skin! Thick, creamy moisturisers give us an additional layer of hydration and form a barrier against the harsher climate, especially the drying effect of low humidity.during the colder months, swap your everyday cleanser for a milky formula. Avoid gels and mousses as these can strip the skin of essential oils. If you have sensitive skin, steer clear of products that are heavily perfumed and stick to mild organic or natural formulas instead.

Quick fix –  Boost your skin’s hydration instantly by adding a few drops of body oil to your daily body lotion.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream, $45, Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, $45, Aveeno® Skin Relief Moisturising Cream, $25.99, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E Moisturising Body Oil, $17.50, Avène Extremely Gentle Cleanser, $43.70.

Who remembers the horror and humiliation if swapping back to strappy sandals last summer? Don’t make the same mistake again – keep your feet looking pretty all year round and kick dry, cracked heels to the curb. You’ll thank yourself for it later!



What are your skincare must-haves this Winter?


WORDS: Elise Wilson

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