HAIR: Make your dye job last longer

Let faded hair be a thing of the past with these three simple tips…


Exiting the salon with perfect hair colour can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. But fast forward a few weeks – and a few dozen shampoos – and you’re left with colour that’s a ghost of its former self. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
The problem with dying our locks is of course the upkeep. We all know it’s time consuming and it can become very expensive if we’re having to dye it every three or four weeks. Here are our top three ways to help stretch the time in between touch-ups, and maintain the great condition of your hair.

  1. Stop washing your hair so much.
    Yes, the old lather-rinse-repeat routine gets rid of dirt and grime. Too bad it also strips the colour itself and your hair of essential oils (which keep your mane glossy). The longer you can go in between shampoos, the better. (Dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend.) And when you do wash and dry, use a product designed for colour-treated hair.
  2. Don’t fear the touch-up kit.
    We know: Putting make-up on your hair sounds off, but hear us out. Touch-up kits and roots sprays actually work wonders, provided they match your hair colour and are applied properly. Color Wow Root Cover Up, is an example of a products goes on like eye shadow and is remarkably durable over the course of the day. At the very least, it’ll buy you time until you can get an appointment with your colourist.
  3. Part your hair differently or try a braid.
    When all else fails, draw attention away from your roots by parting your hair in a slightly messy zigzag pattern or braiding it, which will help the grays subtly blend into the rest of your tresses.


Pic Cred: M.A.C AW16 Blugirl