Put down the serum and step away from the hairspray! We’ve enlisted an expert to tell us EXACTLY how much product to apply and why…

You’d think that managing your own hair would be pretty simple by now, but as it turns out, we keep getting it wrong – especially in the styling stakes. Thinking that you don’t need any product at all can be a mistake as it can lead to more damage and breakage, but being overzealous with application is a sure-fire way to a bad hair day. Another aspect that we often forget is ‘too much of a good thing’ can actually have the opposite effect of what you want! It’s a good thing then that we know how much of every product you need to keep your locks looking lovely this summer.

Although it seems counterintuitive, adding oil to your hair care routine can work wonders for the condition, shine and manageability of your locks. However, when it comes to application proceed with caution and adopt the ‘less is more’ approach. ‘The most important thing about oils is to make sure they’re distributed evenly,’ says hairstylist Sam Snow. The last thing you want is for your locks to look limp and heavy, so remember that no matter how much hair you have, you only need a few drops of oil. ‘The best way to apply it is to start at the ends and work your way up,’ says Sam. If you do accidentally apply product too close to your scalp, dry shampoo can help to lift it slightly.


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Drenching your entire head with hairspray is a common misconception to making sure a style holds its place. ‘Hairspray is the number one most overused product for consumers,’ says Sam. This is a classic example of when a great product has the reverse effect – instead of lightly misting your do’, you’re weighing it down resulting in limp locks that won’t hold a curl.
If you have fine hair, Sam suggests spraying hair so the product is distributed evenly. ‘Try to avoid applying hairspray at the roots though as you’ll lose volume and your hair won’t move as naturally,’ she says. For those thicker hair ladies you can be a bit more liberal, but don’t ever drench the hair with spray. ‘Try to hold your spray about 10 inches away,’ says Sam.


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Designed to create movement, body and texture, hair powders are quick and easy to apply, and are a great second-day hair extender. ‘When it comes to powders the key is to aim it at your roots and gently tap the product to get the perfect amount out,’ says Sam. If you shake the bottle it can often come out too quickly leaving a chalky residue, which looks especially noticeable in brunette hair. ‘I prefer the hair powders to texture sprays as you can see where and how much you’re applying them,’ says Sam. To distribute the product evenly massage it in for an instant volume boost, and to banish any tell-tale signs that anything is actually in your hair at all. If you’ve gotten a little bit tap-happy when applying, don’t fret, simply take a paddle brush through your locks to help spread it out further.


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Elise Wilson
MAIN IMAGE: Supplied by Redken


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