Secrets of shiny, beautiful hair: how to get it, how to keep it – and how to fake it.

Everyone wants locks that glisten with the light! No matter what your hair texture is, you can have healthy-looking hair too. We got some professional beauty advice from Auckland’s top hairstylist Chinney Yeap on how you can maintain glossy, luscious locks at home.

Switching up the products you use to clean your hair will put you on the right path to shiny locks. ‘Having the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type is essential to cater to its specific needs,’ says Chinney. However, it is important to not wash your hair too often as it can strip it of its natural oils, so try to limit it to two or three times a week depending on your hair type. A great option is to use a dry shampoo between washes to keep you looking fresh. ‘It’s important to allow natural oils to work through the hair as much as possible,’ says Chinney.
As a last, but vital, step when washing your hair is to give it a final rinse with cold water to help seal the cuticle and promote shine.


  • FRIZZY AND DRY – JOICO Moisture Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner, $31 each
  • BLONDES – L’Oréal Professionnel série expert Shine Blonde Shampoo, $29.50 and Conditioner, $28.50
  • BRITTLE ENDS – Schwarzkopf Extra Care Serum Deep Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, $6.39 each.
  • OILY ROOTS – Bumble and bumble Sunday Shampoo, $40
  • CHEMICALLY DAMAGED – Imprivo Advanced Care Bio-Protein Shampoo and Conditioner, $35 each

‘For healthy hair obey your hairdresser and maintain regular trims always!’ says Chinney. She’s right of course. It’s true that one length, straight-cut and darker hair will always look the shiniest, so maybe consider this the next time you’re booked in at the salon. If you do like more texture, consult your stylist and find out the best cutting technique to get the best of both worlds.
When it comes to colour, a solid, deeper shade will deliver more luminosity, but that doesn’t
mean everyone should have to convert to dark brunette. Try adding clever colour placement of lighter pieces popping through for a more multi-tonal effect. This can actually trick the eye to confuse brightness with reflection.
More often than not, it’s just some pampering that is needed, so take an hour out of your day to treat yourself to an in-salon professional treatment. A product like Olaplex can be mixed in with your colouring to minimise damage, or used as a separate stand-alone treatment, $70, to reconnect broken bonds in the hair. There is also Olaplex #3, $59, that you can take home and carry on the treatments. Alternatively try Kerastase Fusio Dose In-Salon Service, from $35, for a 15-minute customised dose of gloss.

‘For me treatments are a must for anyone who colours their hair,’ says Chinney. Use a strengthening or hydrating treatment once a week until your damaged, unruly locks are silky smooth again.
Hair masks are just as beneficial, if not more so, than regular conditioners. Unlike a typical conditioner that rests on the surface of a strand, a hair mask works its way inside the cuticle. While the products boast repairing hair damage, regular application of a hair mask can impart shine, help with manageability and work to nourish from within.
First, shampoo as you normally would. The warm water opens up the cuticles on your hair, which allows the mask to penetrate into the hair’s structure (a regular conditioner only tends to sit on the outside of your hair). Then towel-dry hair and choose the best hair mask for your needs. Spread the product evenly onto locks, from roots to ends, and comb through with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. For maximum benefits, leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes, covering your head with a warm towel. If hair is extremely damaged, try leaving it on overnight. To remove, rinse with cool water.


  • TREATS DRYNESS – Sans Nourishing Hydratant Ultra Plus $38
  • BOOSTS BRUNETTE’S – Juuce Love Conditioning Colour Treatment in Rich Chocolate, $26
  • STOPS COLOUR FADE – Davines Minu Hair Mask, $39.50
  • STRENGTHENS – Joico K-Pak RevitaLuxe Bio Advanced Restorative Treatment, $32
  • IMPROVE SOFTNESS – Imprivo Spritzer, $35
  • SMOOTH’S OUT – Kérastase Chronologiste Crème de Regeneration, $69
  • COLOUR PROTECTS – L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Color Gel Masque, $33.50

TOP TIP: Those with flat and fine hair types should only apply masks to the ends to avoid weighing the hair down.

Now, we’re not saying curly or wavy hair can’t look shiny, but straight hair has great natural shine, because its flat cuticle is highly light reflective. ‘Irons shut down the cuticle and press the hair to give it a glossy, shiny finish,’ says Chinney. If you do love your natural wave, it could just be a case of defining the curls more with a tong or iron to smooth out any frizz. Alternatively, just use your straightener on the areas that need it most, such as the top layer and around your hairline.
A heat protectant is a must you’re using any hot tools on your hair though as it shields it from direct and constant heat damage. If you’re not using a protectant in your styling steps your hair will suffer – which means more trips to the salon or shorter haircuts!


  • ghd platinumTM limited edition, $360
  • Davines LOVE Hair Smoother, $39.50
  • ghd Heat Protect Spray, $30

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time. We want ultimate shine, and we want it now! If your locks just aren’t looking as glossy as you’d like try some radiance enhancing styling products for instant gratification.
‘All shine serums and sprays give the hair a coating but be careful with your application so your shine doesn’t become an oil slick! Moderation is key,’ says Chinney. If you’re guilty of being a bit heavy handed with oils, maybe a try a spray instead.


  • Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shine Spray $32
  • Mythic Oil Serum de Force, $38.00
  • Kevin Murphy UN.TANGLED, $48
  • Joico K-PAK Dry Oil Spray, $34

TOP TIP: Avoid applying finishing products too close to your scalp — your hair will look greasy.

What are your best tips to keeping your hair shiny and luscious?


As seen in M2 Woman’s Nov/ Dec issue 2015:


WORDS: Elise Wilson
IMAGES: Supplied
MODEL SHOT: Moroccanoil – Pola Thomson SS2016 NYFW
ARTICLE: As seen in M2 Woman Magazine – Nov/Dec Issue


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