Learn how to do this cute boho chic hairstyle in a couple of easy steps…
To get some hairstyle inspiration, we chatted to the lovely Megan from our new favourite site, She Said Yes. An inspiring lifestyle, wedding and beauty website from an engaged bride-to-be and blogger.

Here’s her quick-fire tips of how to recreate this popular Boho soft up do:

Boho is having a major movement both in bridal and everyday style.  Whether you’re having a bohemian themed wedding (à la Kate Moss), or you just want to incorporate a little Moss-style in your day, this free-spirited hair up-do could be the answer.
This style evokes images of floral hair pieces or flower-crowns, but all this technique requires is a plain (or flower) stretch headband!
This is SO simple to achieve! It’s basically a one-step process that is repeated.

I started with just-washed (fluffy) hair, but this will work just as easily with 1-2 day old hair.
I then places a headband over top of my hair, just resting on my forehead.

Step 1. Take a piece of hair from the front and tuck it through the band, then twist it around the band a couple of times to hide.
Step 2.  Repeat Step 1 with all hair from front to back (making it through the mullet stage).

TOP TIP: For added height at the crown, backcomb through and then smooth over with a comb before starting this style. This do’ works best with lots of volume.

See my step-by-step photos below:

Now add hairspray to set the style in place.
Feel free to add pretty flowers (real or fake), crystals, or whatever makes you feel pretty.

If you need some more inspiration we’ve scoured Pinterest for the best:

For more great bridal tips, advice and beauty how-tos, head on over to Megan’s Blog and follow her!

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