Navy and cream keep it classy, while a gold band lends a touch of glamour. Take this look to the seaside, or pair with winter whites in the cooler months.



  • Clear base coat Paper reinforcements Tweezers Cream polish Clear top coat
  • Angled-edge eyeliner brush (if needed)
  • Nail polish remover (if needed)
  • Paper towel (if needed)
  • Navy polish
  • Gold glitter striper polish

Nautical Instructions

Step 1

Apply a clear base coat to all nails, which will strengthen the adhesion of the paper reinforce- ments. Allow to dry. 


Step 2

Position a paper reinforcement on the bottom of each nail so the top of the reinforcement follows the line of the moon area (see Nail Anatomy, page 22). If your nail does not have a visible moon area, create one by placing the top of the paper reinforcement on the bottom of the nail, so that approximately one-third of the nail is covered. Press lightly so the paper reinforcement adheres to the nail, and use tweezers to press the reinforce- ment into the edges where the cuticle meets the nail. 


Step 3

Paint the upper part of each nail with cream polish using upward strokes, swiping your brush across the top of the paper reinforcement and continuing to the top of the nail. Apply to all nails and allow to dry, then repeat with a second coat of cream polish.


Step 4

When polish is completely dry, use tweezers to remove the paper reinforcements, pulling care- fully from one side to the other.

Step 5

If polish has leaked under the paper, leaving behind a jagged curved line, dip the angled- edge eyeliner brush into polish remover, press against a paper towel to soak up excess, and apply the bristles to the area for precise cleanup.


Step 6

Apply navy polish to the top half of all nails, using upward strokes from the midline to the tip of the nail. Allow to dry.


Step 7

With the gold glitter striper polish, paint the hori- zontal line where the cream section meets the navy section, starting from the edges of the nail and moving toward the center. Apply to all nails and allow to dry. Repeat this step until you have achieved the glitter density that you like, allowing time to dry after each coat.

Step 8

When dry, apply clear top coat and allow the completed look to dry.



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