Are you guilty of committing daily beauty crimes? Let our expert, Napoleon Perdis, teach you right from wrong!
Napoleon MainThey say we often learn more from our mistakes than we do from what we get right. So we asked make-up artist to the stars Napoleon Perdis, to talk us through what women get wrong when it comes to make-up… and how we can get it right!

1. MISTAKE – Wearing too much foundation in the wrong shade, texture and finish
This can make your complexion look flat, matt and mask-like.
TO FIX: ‘The secret to a flawless and undetectable base is technique,’ says Napoleon. ‘When applying foundation always start in the centre of your face (where you generally need the most coverage) and blend outward to nothing.’ This gives a light, glowing finish.
‘If you need additional coverage, apply concealer to prevent a build up of product, and use a small brush to dab concealer directly onto a spot rather then blending it over a larger area,’ he says.

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Heavy eyeliner under your lower lashes
This is characterised by a harsh pencil line that drags your eye down and makes you look tired.
TO FIX: ‘One of the most simple and effective ways to emphasise your eye shape is to line your water-line with an eye pencil or gel liner,’ says Napoleon.
For a softer look, use a brown powder or cream eyeshadow along your top and bottom lash lines to define, but only apply on the outer third.
Remember to blend, blend, blend. ‘Unblended definition doesn’t look modern and will make your eyes look smaller!’ says Napoleon.

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Wrong blush or no blush
Blush instantly makes your skin appear younger and fresher.
TO FIX: If in doubt, go for peach! ‘Peach is my favourite blush colour because it flatters all skin tones and adds life and warmth without emphasising redness or looking too doll-like,’ says Napoleon. For deeper complexions try an orange-based blush. ‘Texture and finish is personal preference, however there’s two general rules; powder wears well on oily skin and cream will enhance and smooth drier skin types,’ he says.

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Not curling your lashes
Lash curling takes seconds and instantly gives you more awake, framed eyes.
TO FIX: ‘Curling your lashes bounces them upwards to maximise curl and emphasise the length,’ says Napoleon.
Choose a mascara that is designed to enhance and hold your curled lashes. ‘A curved or arched wand will cup more of your lashes as you move the wand from root to tip,’ he says. ‘My Peep Show Mascara Madame Curl Curl contains elastic technology and a high concentration of sugar polymers to help set your curl in place.’ The polymers do what hair spray would after you’ve curled your hair with a tong! – We need this right now!

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5. MISTAKE – Brow neglect
If in doubt, visit a professional!
TO FIX: A trim, tweeze and hint of colour, frames your face more than any make-up product can.
‘Brows help to emphasise your natural structure for a more polished and sculpted look,’ says Napoleon. Bad brows can make the face looks less angular, the eyes less lifted and defined, and the nose look wider.
‘To make them look tidy quickly, comb your brows in place to identify gaps,’ he says. ‘Then either fill these gaps with a brow pencil or simply add a little structure by shading through the arch and along the lower edge of the brow.’
TOP TIP: ‘For a natural finish, always comb back through the brows after defining,’ says Napoleon. ‘You’ll take the edge off any hard lines for a less drawn-in look.’

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What’s the biggest make-up mistake you’ve made in the past?
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WORDS: Elise Wilson
IMAGES: Supplied
HEADSHOT: Napoleon Perdis
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