As the creator and founder of successful agency, Flaunt PR , it should come as no shock that Fiona McLeod’s interior aesthetic is as exceptional as her taste in fashion.

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    I’m a big believer in holistic well-being and happiness

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    I’ve never really thought of myself as a beauty junky, although perhaps I am!

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    It’s my mum that’s my biggest beauty inspiration. She never left the house without lipstick

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    I love loads of mascara to accentuate my eyes, as I think eyes are the window to the soul

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    My motto is about putting your best foot forward. Always dress like you are going somewhere later

A true entrepreneur, working previously as a make-up artist, holistic therapist, interior designer and most recently the creator or woman’s health and happiness event, ‘Goodness Gracious.’

Fiona welcomed us into her sublimely beautiful home and office and revealed her adept yet thorough beauty routine that still allows her time to focus on her bustling business. We also found out that this talented lady is a stickler for a great perfume and some DIY beauty!


I am fascinated by the physiology of beauty

I feel there are so many more layers to beauty than fashion. I have a background in natural health and therefore I am fascinated by the physiology of beauty – beauty from the inside out.

I generally love aesthetics, particularly in relation to beauty and wellness.

I have worked in the industry off and on for 20 years and I trained full time for a year to be a hair and make-up artist when I was 19 years old. The course covered everything from stage makeup to special effects for horror photography to body painting and wedding make-up and general day-to-day wear. This lead to a lifetime interest in the beauty/wellness industry.



Freedom of creativity gives me fulfillment

When it comes to work I love creating clever and unique PR campaigns. Things move so fast in the land of PR now with social media and the internet, so I like to think outside the square and create fun projects that get results for my clients. I’m not really one to ‘stick to my knitting’.

I wouldn’t consider a day without skincare and makeup – its just part of routine like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I’ve never really thought of myself as a beauty junky, although perhaps I am! Both skincare and make-up have been a big part of my everyday since I started high school. I even remember buying my first skin cleanser and lipstick from the pharmacy.

My motto is about putting your best foot forward; ‘Always dress like you are going somewhere later.’ But it’s my mum that’s my biggest beauty inspiration. She never left the house without lipstick, even if she was just popping to the supermarket. Mum took me shopping for my first foundation and lipstick – I loved that day!


My eyes are the clearest expression of who I am

I love loads of mascara to accentuate my eyes, as I think eyes are the window to the soul. I have two favourite mascaras for different occasions – The Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara is fabulous for daywear. It’s made in the traditional Egyptian way with waxes and really defines, separates and highlights each lash for a clean, full look. However, Kevyn Aucoin’s The Essential Mascara, is my dramatic look, as it’s filled with fibres to thicken and lengthen to look like false lashes. To change my look from day to night I use more eyeliner and shadow in the contour of the eyelid to create a more lavish evening effect. My ‘can’t live without makeup’ would be dark circle under eye concealer!

For my skin…

My can’t live without my Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream Camellia & Geranium Blossom, and my Qsilica Hydrating Masque  – which is for a super charge quick ‘skin plump fix’ on those dry wrinkly days.These are both perfect if I have a special event in the evening after a stressful day – they take the look of stress out of my face and give me a fresh radiance.



When it comes to my hair I like minimal effort! 

I personally love my hair when it’s short and has a chic style. However, I get bored way too easily so I mix it up a bit…. Grow it, chop it, grow it, chop it. I do love the feminity of long hair though. Oil is my secret recipe to shine, condition and combat flyaways. I can use anything from essential oils to olive oil, but right now I’m using this Kevin Murphy YOUNG AGAIN, which is an amazing infused oil treatment.

Yer, I use home dyes…

Since I have black hair it’s pretty easy to ‘get the look’ from a home dye job. I must say though, I would love to go lighter for a change, however with so many layers of dye in my hair it is near impossible to bleach it back. About 15 years ago I had a pixie cut which was cute until I tried to bleach it peroxide blonde! After seven attempts in one day by a professional to correct it, I was still a grubby shade of yellow….

We all know how stress can show on our faces, and eventually that turns into wrinkles!

I drink 2 litres of water everyday! Ideally I start first thing in the morning with a whole lemon’s juice in a glass of water for a subtle daily detox. This helps to rid impurities that can sometimes start to come out of your skin if we don’t keep healthy on the inside! I am also big into dry skin brushing with a coarse brush for the body, and weekly use of the Grown Alchemist Pink Grapefruit with Glucomannan Exfoliant for the face. I find the best internal supplements to ensure ‘porcelain like’ skin is Silica, and I personally love the Qsilica Capsules or Radiance Silica Beauty. I also take Lifestream Magnesium every night to reduce stress, and I walk everyday for health and happiness of the mind and body.


I’m not into standard commercial fragrances

I usually add pure essential oils into the mix with my scents. I especially love Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang from the Absolute Essential range. They are top quality, which makes a difference to both the aroma and therapeutic aromatherapy benefits. I still can’t go past these old faves though:

Diptyque Volutes EDP
– Tocca Florence EDP
-Almost any Jo Malone perfume!

My handbag beauty must-haves are…

– My FLAUNT Glamour Puss Lippy
MAC studio fix powder for touch ups to rid shine
Grown Alchemist Rose Handcream
– A comb! – I after all these years I am still stick in the 80’s when it comes to a bit of back combing for added volume, (and height!)



I feel the most beautiful and sexy when… 

I feel confident! I find my confidence is heightened with a range of little things such as; The success of achieving a goal that I am passionate about, to feeling light and healthy from taking care of myself, to wearing a new dress or treating myself to a blow wave.

A little more about ‘GOODNESS GRACIOUS’…

I’m a big believer in holistic well-being and happiness. My latest venture is a woman’s health and happiness event that I created, organised, promoted and presented, and is one of many to come. The event is about finding your calm within the storm. It’s about accepting life the way it is, through the highs and the lows. Recognising that there is no green grass, yet you can choose to love the pasture you’re in, for a happier life.The term ‘Goodness Gracious’ is often used in times of shock, stress or dismay, yet the actual words ‘goodness’ and ‘gracious’ are about positivity, acceptance and kindness. Throughout this event women shared their stories of struggle and resolve. They discussed how they now recognise that their biggest challenges are, in fact, also their greatest gifts. It was a huge success filled with inspiration, from nutrition and hypnotherapy, to abuse and survival.

The feedback from the guests was beyond my expectations, and inspiring a room full of women was the best feeling I have had in my life!



Article by Elise Wilson
Photography Zoe Lyle