It’ll come as no surprise that this absolutely beautiful and inspiring personal trainer, nutritionist, and overall fitness guru, is also a model too!

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    It would be impossible for me to say that modelling hasn’t played a big part in the way I view ‘beauty

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    Sam definitely has a soft spot for her adventurous and playful dogs, Harry and George

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    Diet plays a massive role in my beauty routine,’ says Sam. ‘The foods I eat are the most important part of creating a glowing complexion

A keen writer, Sam’s health and fitness articles have been featured in the likes of New Idea Magazine and now the NZ Herald. I know, right? Can she be any more talented? Well yes, actually. The creator of Move Eat Play, Sam’s philosophy is realising the importance of looking after your body the right way from the inside out, through a combination of nutrition and exercise. We think she’s succeeding! And most of all, we love how much she motivates other women to do the same too.

In a break between running her all girl fitness sessions, magazine deadlines and modelling, Sam to chatted to us about all things beauty. From her best beauty tips learned from years in the make-up chair, to why she simply can’t live without coconut oil!


Modelling exposes you to a world of aesthetic values

It certainly gives you an interesting perspective! It’s a strangely beautiful, intense, dangerous and creative environment to be a part of. For years it caused me to judge myself more harshly than I ever should have, and even today I catch myself putting my appearance at the top of my stress list every so often. It would be impossible for me to say that it hasn’t played a big part in the way I view ‘beauty’.

However, the older I get the more I appreciate beauty for what it really is, which is to say (to me) absolutely everything. And coming from a modelling background and now being able to step back and take a wider view on it has allowed me to consciously choose to search for beauty in everything. It taught me not to take a narrow view point on beauty, or anything else for that matter.



With make-up, I’m pretty low key

If I’m in my training gear I won’t wear any make-up, but for any meetings, castings or other work I’ll just throw on the basics: a great foundation, blush, mascara, eye brow filler and pawpaw on my lips.

To change up my look from day to night I love liquid eyeliner and a bright lippy, and I’ll always have Lucas pawpaw in my handbag. Always.

I put maintaining lovely skin and letting your natural beauty shine through at the top of my list, as well ageing gracefully.

Learning from the pros

My years of modeling taught me lots of little tips! I learnt how to actually use make-up, as well what a GHD is and exactly why they are so brilliant.

The most important things I’ve learned are definitely to clean your face every night and moisturize well morning and evening, drink plenty of water and get regular hair trims at the salon. That last one I am terrible at though!



I suffer from bad skin sometimes too!

If I’m ever going through a bad skin phase – which still happens quite often for me – I’ll spend a few days drinking apple cider vinegar in the mornings and it will clear it right up!

My top recipe:

I combine 1tsp of ACV, 1tsp of honey and 1tsp of lemon juice in hot water, a great metabolism boosting start to the day too.

I also can’t live without my tried and try Coconut oil! Predictable answer from a wellness freak, I know, but it’s 100% natural, full of incredible skin benefitting properties and smells wonderful.

Healthy eating is so important

Diet plays a massive role in my beauty routine. I see the foods I eat being the most important part of creating a glowing complexion. Particularly since I hardly wear much make-up!

I make sure to eat plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids, dark leafy veggies, apple cider vinegar when I need a boost and of course drink a ton of water each day. 


High fat, low carb

I’ve been following a high fat/low carb diet for over a year now and I find it suits my body perfectly. I have plenty of energy and never get that absolutely ravenous feeling between meals as my body is able to fuel itself in times of hunger more efficiently.

The best part I find is that I have no need to control my portion sizes in relation to my weight, and everything I eat is delicious! Of course I have my treat days, but that’s why I see minimizing my carbohydrate intake most of the time as a lifestyle, not a diet.

I’ve had more beauty blunders than I can count!

One time, a couple of years ago, I went in for a big change and chopped most of my (nearly belly-button length) hair off and predictably decided I hated it the following day! Since then I haven’t been back…

My beauty blunder highlight?

Probably my first few months of wearing mascara when I had no idea what I was doing or how to apply it properly. I definitely rocked around with some serious stray mascara just chilling on my eyelids 24/7.

Since then I’ve been incredibly paranoid about it, I always keep cotton buds in my make-up bag and beside my mirror! 


I feel the most beautiful and sexy when…

I’m freshly showered after a sweaty morning workout and I’m still in my birthday suit.

Sam’s favourite smoothie recipe:

Almond Blueberry Booster

1 1/2c almond Milk
1/2c frozen blueberries
1 banana
1 heaped tsp almond butter
1heaped tsp coconut oil
1tsp vanilla essence



Sam has even graced the cover of Good Health Magazine NZ!

Does Samantha inspire you to get up and go?
What are your favourite vitamin enriched smoothie recipes? Tell us in the comments below…


Story by Elise Wilson;
Photography by Lucy Rice
Hair and Makeup by Elise Wilson
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