I think it may be an understatement to call Zoe Forster Blake  a busy lady! 

The new mum has so many accolades to her name, it’s hard to know where to start. From her background as beauty director at Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar magazines, to her hilarious chick-lit novels (check out her book Amazing Face), and now to her amazing new Go-To skincare line! We talked to Zoe about her fast and effective ‘mummy’ make-up routine, handbag must-haves and more about her career shift into the cosmetics world…

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    Zoe's life philosophy - What you focus on grows, so make it something you want to bring into your life, something positive

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    Zoe's entrepreneurial nature, and passion for beauty led her to making her own skincare line called Go-To Skincare


    Zoe Foster-Blake's biggest beauty must-have? Sunscreen, always.

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    I love Michael Kors, Michael. It’s a delicious, big white floral and I am a crazed fool for tuberose and gardenia scents.

I wanted to minimise all the hyperbole and confusion around skincare

From what I’ve learned being a beauty editor for 10 years I wanted to merge what actually worked (ingredients and formula-wise) with what I know women need for happy, healthy skin. But minus all the hyperbole and confusion that so often accompanies skin care. The result is a tight edit of pure, effective skin care essentials that any age and skin type can benefit from. Really! Really.

I am SO lucky to have women trust me

When the idea came to me to create my own skincare line, it felt so fun and so right. I am SO lucky to have women trust me, and years of learning from incredible individuals in the beauty industry along the way – it all helps tremendously.

There’s nothing like becoming a beauty editor to really bring out the beauty obsessive. 

I still get far too excited when a new lip-gloss or foundation arrives for me to try. It’s disgraceful.

Day-to-day I have CC cream, crème blush, filled-in brows, mascara, under eye corrector, concealer, flesh liner on the lower inner rim and gloss. (Can you tell I have a young baby and am trying to fake looking awake?)

To change up my look, it’s always the eyes! I smoke them up with a metallic cream base, then blend out a slightly deeper shadow over that. I accentuate the upper and lower lashlines with wet shadow on an angled brush, add eye liner on the inner rims and more mascara and kapow!

For my skin, I use AHAs. In particular lactic acid, which is as effective as the more popular glycolic, but with far less irritation. That’s why I used it in my Go-To Exfoliating Swipeys. I believe sunscreen, good skin care at home and regular facials make a big difference too.

I always change it up my hair. I get SO, BORED! Right now I would love a cool French-girl fringe, but my 46 cowlicks means it’s not possible. Shame.



My handbag beauty essentials… 

I’m an utter lip balm snob! I have been since about 12, and did not take making my own lightly. It only took 20 versions to perfect it. But it IS perfect. It really is. Deeply nourishing with a lovely glossy finish. Not one of those ones that works for an hour then your lips feel dry again.


I was basically makeup free until about 18

I didn’t have a beauty idol growing up, and one look at me would’ve proved that. From the age of 18, there it was probably J.Lo, who back then was in her glowing, bronzed, gleaming ‘Waiting for Tonight’ era. No one does bronzed like J.Lo.

I do know that my biggest beauty blunder was too-thin, overarched eyebrows. Horrible for the face. So ageing and unflattering.

I firmly believe that what you think about, you bring about.

What you focus on grows, so make it something you want to bring into your life, something positive.


Article by Elise Wilson; Pictures supplied by Zoe Forster-Blake